The mystery of the Turtle Boy picture

Turtle Boy Statue, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

Something weird is going on. This picture has gotten over 1400 hits in less than a month. That’s an incredible amount of views. In fact, it’s about three times more views than my previously “most viewed” picture.

Turtle Boy StatueObviously, someone is linking to this picture. I’m curious and would like to see where it’s being used.

Oh well, I think it’s just weird. It’s not even a very good picture of this statue.


An update to my previous post

Turtle Boy Statue Someone linked to the pictures in a comment on

It all started when someone posted a link to a picture of a public statue that they thought was naughty (it really wasn’t that bad). My “turtle boy” picture was linked in one of the “If you think that’s bad, look at this!” comments.

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