Vikings in Worcester County – and their work

As promised in my last post, this one is all about and their work. If you didn’t read the other post, I’ve included part of that post with a brief description of what they do.

Hurstwic is a loose association of individuals who have interest in researching and demonstrating Viking Age / Anglo-Saxon history and culture. The members of the group do demonstrations at museums and schools. Some of what we learned was that not all of the people we’d call “Vikings” were wild, pillaging barbarians – only some of them went on raids and only on a seasonal basis. They were farmers first so the pillaging had to fit into their schedule. We also learned that “Viking” is probably not the right word for them since it means “pirate” and as I just noted, they didn’t all pirate and not all the time. So, probably not fair to call them all “pirates”. Interesting. There’s a whole bunch of other interesting stuff and events posted on the Hurstwic site.

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