Worcester Gridlock – Dec. 13, 2007

Yep, me too. I was out in that horrible storm.

I left from Boston early but still ended up out there on the Pike for 3 1/2 hours. The ice on the cars was horrible. I had to keep pulling over to clean off my car. A lot of people were having to do that. It was pretty scary.

The rest area in Westboro was a complete mess – not even plowed at all. Cars all over the place. SUV’s driving too fast. Cars getting stuck on slippery hills. Just a horrific mess.

I finally arrived at the Millbury exit and thought it was almost over. I quickly found out that I was wrong. I got caught up in the Downtown Worcester Gridlock along with everyone else who lives in and around Worcester. I sat in this one spot (pictured above) for an hour – UGH!!!

It seems that some people just left their cars in the middle of the road. Others were stuck. Other people got caught in intersections after the lights changed. And some people were just ignoring the lights entirely. UGH again!!! What a mess.

Total commute time – just under 6 hours. I got home cold, wet and feeling like I’d been through a fight or something. There’s nothing like playing in the ice and snow on the Mass Pike for a few hours to make a person really love winter! Except maybe playing in it in a bunch of traffic in front of the DCU Center 🙂

Well, time to go back out there and do it all again – YIPPEE!!!

Here’s more about the storm

Wormtown Taxi did a great job posting stuff about what was going on out there. Read what he saw here, and here. There are a bunch more entries over there. Hit his site, you’ll see the links in his archive list. They’re the ones with times for titles – he was posting throughout the day. Great job by him!.


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