Big News for Monday – The Toilets Are Leaving – OH NO!

Well, it looks like the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum (AKA The Toilet Museum) is closing and it’s big news on the interweb this morning.

I first encountered the tragic news via Wormtown Taxi and made my way to the Telegram via his link.

According to the T&G the owner is retiring & donating the collection to the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Greater Boston. They’re going to take the collection to Watertown (not kidding) and expand it to include modern toilet technology. Darn it – we just can’t seem to keep anything around here. I’m just not even going to try coming up with some clever pun – Hyphoid Logic did a good enough job with that.

I’ve never actually made it over to the toilet museum. The strange thing is that I was just talking to someone about going and checking it out. I looked at their hours and it looks like I’ll be out of luck. They are only open at times when I’m nowhere near Worcester. I won’t make it over there before it floats away – oh well.


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