Coffee @ The Q

Coffee, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

I went to The Q last night. It’s a coffee house/cool hangout over near Nancy Chang’s on Chandler Street. I’ve never been before and heard that it’s a relatively new spot.

It’s a cute little place. The coffee was really good too. I have to confess that I was a little confused by the contraption I got my coffee in (picture above). I’ve never encountered this sort of thing. Apparently called a “french press”. The way it works is – wait five minutes then push the plunger thing down which separates the coffee from the crud. How fun! It was like getting coffee and a toy all in one.

Also, a big ‘Thank You’ to the folks at The Q who told me how to use it without making me feel like an idiot. I don’t live under a rock but I haven’t seen everything in the world yet so sometimes I need a bit of instruction so… “Thank you.”

That’s it.

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