Taking Steps

Taking Steps To Prevent Violence Against Women and Kids, awareness walk and a display of Clothesline Project T-shirts. If you’re not familiar,  with this project, these are shirts painted by people who have been affected by domestic & sexual violence. These stories are heartbreaking, too common and many were too familiar. This was a very important but difficult day. It was a show of support for victims, a lot of information was available and it raised awareness about the issues. There was also a fundraiser for local shelters and crisis centers.

If you are in Massachusetts and need help:

Clothes lines holding hundreds of T-shirts covered in stories of domestic violence and rape.

The colors have meanings, posted on the Clothesline Project website. White are in memory of someone who has died due to violence; yellow are for battered/assaulted women; red/pink/orange represents victims of rape and sexual assault. Blue/Green shirts are for survivors of incest and sexual abuse. Purple shirts represent women who have been attacked because of their sexual orientation. Black shirts represent women who have been attacked for political reasons.

Shirt with a message of hope, “please don’t give up”
“I am not at fault”
“Is that why they call me a sullen girl?”
“They only time I got new glasses was when you punched me in the face”. A second shirt reads, “Why did he have to rape her”
“I hated him! Wishing next time he would get the abuse” and a second shirt “27 years old beaten and stabbed while children watched”