EcoTarium, Worcester, MA

EcoTarium, Worcester, MA, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

We went out to the EcoTarium over the weekend. It was a pretty quiet when we went. I’m guessing people were out at barbecues and stuff like that.

They’ve got some Dinosaur footprint stuff going on right now. It’s not a very huge display but the few kids that were there seemed to be having fun with it. They’ve got a couple of fossil footprints, a few informational kiosks and some hands on activities. It looked like a “make a footprint” station and some sort of game. I’d say if your kid really loves Dinosaurs it might be worth a look. Otherwise, it’s cool to see but not a big enough deal to plan a trip over there just to see it.

That being said – we always enjoy a trip over there. It’s just one of those places that seems like it would be “been there, done that” but ends up being a good time whenever we’ve gone.

My daughter had even started the trip complaining that she’s “Seen everything” and that “We’ll be done in an hour and then I’ll be bored”. Well, she was wrong. In fact, I ended up being the one that wanted to leave. After a few hours of walking all over my stupid knee decided that it hates me (again) and it just wasn’t much fun for me to be there anymore. “Miss Boring” had to be practically dragged out of the place (I had to bribe her with a trip to the bookstore).

Between otter trainings, crazy turtle activity, playing with the tide pool thing and examining the dinosaurs and all the other stuff, she found plenty to amuse herself. She even enjoyed the walk around the ponds.

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