stART On The Street 2008

stART On The Street, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

It just keeps getting better each year. Tina and her crew are awesome! Thank you again for a great day.

I’ve got tons of video to look at and edit. I’ll be posting it when I get it presentable. Check back later. For now, check my Flickr. I’ve got tons of pictures there.

I’ve found some great posts in the Worcester blogosphere and had to share links:
Jacob Berendes sums it up very well on his blog
Wormtown Taxi also posted some great stuff including video of the aforementioned Jacob giving a fantastic musical performance. I’m sorry I missed it 🙁 That’s what I get for being late to the party.

stART On The Street
This was one of my favorite attractions (other than seeing all my friends out there). It was a huge pile of cardboard boxes and whatnot that everyone got to build stuff with (and then tear down). It was like a huge set of children’s blocks. It was great to see all the people getting into it. I hope my video came out. I did at least get some stills of the mayhem. This was a great idea! Do it again! Do it again!

More later, I promise. Go look at my pictures 😉

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