OMG – We’re getting ready to peak…. the colors are so pretty!

I love autumn in New England!
Halloween (and the day-after-halloween-cheap candy), fall harvest stuff, beautiful weather and the COLORS!! It looks like we’re getting ready to peak, people. Go outside and enjoy it. I already made a quick trip into Institute Park this morning and it’s looking really pretty. I’m hoping to get out more later today.

If you’re interested in getting out to see the foliage, here’s some helpful stuff:
Yankee Foliage
A website dedicated to the foliage season in New England. They’ve got interactive maps, user submitted photos and reports. It’s really everything you need to know about where to go.

NECN Weather and Foliage reports
Check it out – we’ve got a great 3-day weekend with perfect weather (unless the weather guys are wrong again).

Real Worcester / 5 Places to Get Locally Grown Pumpkins
AND, here’s some ideas of places to go while you are out there. I put together this list of local “pick-your-own” pumpkin / apple orchards.

Ok, that’s all I got for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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