STORM UPDATE: Courtesy of City Councilor Kate Toomey.

Institute Park, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

I got this update via Facebook from Kate Toomey.
I’ll post more if I see them. Pass the info along.


Also from Kate:
Please call 508-929-1300 to report fallen limbs, blocked roadways or other issues.

Storm Update – Share
Today at 1:24am
Courtesy of City Councilor Kate Toomey
Update from the City Manager

To All – Update:

Hardest hit – Belmont Hill, Green Hill, Greendale, Burncoat, West Boylston Street, Upper Grove, Upper Salisbury Street, Moreland Hill, Airport Hill, and all higher elevations.

Shelters up and running – 40 residents at Doherty High, 23 at Burncoat. Shuttles from Burncoat, Greendale and Tatnuck Fire Stations on until Midnight. They will resume at 7 A.M.. WPD will provide transport to shelters from midnight to 7:00 A.M. For frail, elderly, etc.. We are monitoring all 911 calls. Red Cross at all sites. Food, beverages and comfort all available. 150 cots and blankets at Doherty, 150 at Burncoat. 100 on standby at Voke. We are scouring all assisted living, nursing homes and group homes to assess generator backup or blackout… To guage long term shelter needs for tomorrow through weekend. I am at Doherty High now and all is well.

National Grid is still in the assessment phase. It is not pretty. Major transmission lines down, substations down, entire neighborhoods service lines severely damaged. They are triaging and building plans of action beginning tomorrow. We will be given great detail tomorrow P.M. In the interim, they are out in force but they have yet to have a full assessment of all damage and necessary repairs. We will then forge our plans as to all ops based on their critical information.

We will drop to only a few emergency DPW crews as of 10 P.M.. All crews will pick up clearing streets as of 6:00 A.M. All arteries and secondaries are open. Residentials remain. In Burncoat, only 40 percent of residential roads are open. We will focus and concentrate efforts in this area in the morning.

State has released emergency ALB $$s for removal of dangerous infested storm damaged trees in the Burncoat/ Greendale. This emergency contract works begins tomorrow. Arrarat Street ALB site open for storm damage all weekend.

Lt. Governor has secured National Guard assistance. They will work with us tomorrow.

We are bracing and preparing for a multi-day recovery. It may be weeks before it is all cleaned up.

Additional WPD out throughout impacted neighborhoods due to darkness and potential for mischief.

More to come. I will brief as all continues to evolve.



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It’s not just ice – some areas are flooded 🙁 Let’s hope that doesn’t become a second issue with additional property damages and all that.

What a completely freaky storm! We had pouring rain throughout. The rain that hit the trees froze on impact but the ground was still warm enough to not freeze. So, the ground got flooded, the trees got frozen and started breaking. The rest of it you can see in the photos, videos and news. I’ve never seen anything like this.

To my family out in Southern California & other Southwestern areas – we are fine. Kids are fine. Pets are fine. Our power never went out. We’ve had no damage. Feeling very lucky right now and hoping all the people who are in shelters or without heat and power are OK and back to normal soon. There are so many, it’s going to take awhile.

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