We’re a catch & release house here.

ookas, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

So, it looks like it wasn’t just humans that were displaced by the storm. For the first time in 8 years we had a mouse in our house. Normally, no mouse in its right mind would come in here. We always have at least 2 cats here so… not a place for rodent types.

Yesterday, Chuck (my enormous orange cat) was trying to get at something but couldn’t. He eventually gave up. I figured he had swatted a bug or something. I could hear some noise but I didn’t go investigate. He’s always watching spiders or whatever.


Later in the evening, My daughter started screaming that Chuck had a mouse downstairs. Chuck HAD actually captured the mouse with his feet but didn’t know what else to do and it ended up getting away before anyone could help him out. At least he really tried hard.

Last night as we were watching a movie, there was a disturbance downstairs and then our little cat Ook came running up the stairs. She had caught the mouse, had it in her mouth and was bringing it to my husband (her special person). As soon as she dropped it for him, it ran (of course).

Ook was able to catch it again in our studio and was sitting on it while I got a box to bring him outside in. After a careful cat removal and mouse capture procedure we were able to get him out where he belongs.

I’m happy to say the little guy was fine. A bit scared and damp from having been drooled on by Ook but otherwise, fine. It ran very fast away from our house as soon as it realized it was outside.

Normally, I wouldn’t blog about this but two things about it are a bit unusual. The first point I made; we’ve been in this house for 8 years and have never seen any evidence of any mice in here – ever. That storm must have flooded (or frozen) him out of where he should have been.

The second thing is that the cats did a great job and have redeemed themselves. The last invader was a squirrel that they allowed to break in and eat our brownies. I had decided they both were useless at that point. Especially Chuck; at 23lbs. he should have at least been able to scare a squirrel off my brownies.

I’m glad neither of them appear to know how to make an actual kill. They acted like it was a very confusing toy. I would not have wanted to try to get a dead mouse away from a primal-feeling cat. I also prefer to get the little critters back out where they belong as opposed to killing them.

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