Ice Storm Aftermath

Big mess, originally uploaded by Claudia Snell.

I saw a great post up on Radioball about his experience and observations of the storm. (I’m glad to hear he’s back on the grid over there).

I also wanted to add – for those still dealing with the mess and feeling tired and frustrated; the crews really are out there doing everything they can. The other night at about 10pm we could hear them working to clear debris. Our mess (above) didn’t actually damage anything…. its still where it was because there are people that need help and this is nothing but “messy” here. So, they are out there and the efforts are going toward those who need it first.

The blogosphere,, WTAG and Facebook have all been lit up with information and stories about this thing. If you do use Facebook, a friend you need is City Councilor Kate Toomey. She’s been updating throughout via both mobile and regular posts. I’m not surprised. She’s done an excellent job of utilizing Facebook to inform right along.

That’s it. I hope everyone is home, safe and warm, very soon.

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