Fun winter stuff at Higgins Armory Museum / Part 2

Hey Everybody! As I promised yesterday, I’ve got the MORE winter programs @ Higgins here for you to check out. Again, museum programs are free with admission unless there’s an additional cost listed.

Saturday, January 3 is Founder’s Day at Higgins.
They are celebrating with FREE ADMISSION and some cool demonstrations:

Company of the Wolfe Argent
11:30am and again at 2pm
Representing a company of 15th century Burgundian men-at-arms, they use period clothing and weaponry to present an entertaining look at society and daily life in the late Middle Ages.

Historic Combat Demonstration
1pm and again at 3pm
This is a lot of fun to see. The Higgins Armory Sword Guild demonstrates combat techniques in a very educational and entertaining way. The members of the guild are very knowledgeable and skilled. They are also good showmen. It’s humorous, informative and very fun – not a dry museum exhibition at all.

CastleKids Storyhour
Wednesday, January 7, 10:30am
$5.00 member adult/child pair, $9.00 non-member adult/child pair
Hear tales of damsels in distress and mighty dragons. Stories include well-known fairy tales and some modern picture books. The fee includes museum admission, tour, craft and a snack.

A Roman Legionary
Saturday, January 10, 11:30
Demonstration about the evolution of a Roman Legionary’s arms and armor. Period spans the Roman Republic to the end of the Empire period. There will be examples of period equipment and opportunities for participation in hands-on demonstrations.

Live Arms and Armor Presentation
Saturday, January 10, 12:30pm &
Sunday, January 11, 2pm
A Higgins education interpreter shares the history of the Higgins Armory Museum, the evolution of armor including the 3 main types of armor. The presentation will also provide opportunities for audience participation.

Tae Kwon Do Demonstrations
Saturday, January 10, 2pm
Yep, you heard that right… Tae Kwon do at Higgins! Techniques will be demonstrated and many wooden boards will be broken in many different ways during the “creative breaking” exhibition.

Hands-on History
Sunday, January 11, 12:30
Learn about gauntlets, chain mail and helmets – and also try them on. Sounds like a good demonstration to bring a camera to. Take pictures of your friends and family dressed in the hottest in battle fashion from hundreds of years ago.

That’s it for today. I actually have a bunch more for tomorrow. They are SOOOO busy over there at Higgins. Lucky Worcester!

One last thing; I would like to thank Higgins for being so helpful by providing me with information. It makes blogging about them much easier and I really appreciate it.


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