Valentine’s Day @ Higgins

Higgins Armory Museum has a lot of special treats planned for Valentine’s Day weekend. Here’s the list I got from them:

Medieval Knight Presentation
Sat., Feb. 14, 11:30 am
Free with museum admission

Meet a medieval knight and learn how his equipment differs from that of “knights in shining armor” seen throughout the Higgins. Learn the origins of knighthood and chivalry, the “Knightly Code of Honor.”

Legio III Cyrenaica Roman Legion
Sat., Feb. 14, 2 pm
Free with museum admission

A Roman living history group that portrays the famous Legion based in Alexandria, Egypt during the Flavian period (60-100 AD/CE), this group features Legionary and Auxiliary soldiers. Learn about the Legion’s history, weapons, tactics and daily life

Live Arms and Armor Show
Sun., Feb. 15, 12:30 pm & 2:30 pm
Free with museum admission

Why armor? Who wore it, who made it, and why are there so many different types? In this interactive program, discover the history of armor; from its evolution from mail to plate armor to its disappearance (and modern reappearance on the battlefield). Volunteers from the audience may help with the demonstration.

School Vacation Week Programming
Sat., Feb.14 – Sun., Feb. 22

A wizard’s magic, knights in shining armor, Vikings, fencing, and bows and broadswords – experience it all during school vacation week, with daily programs. Live demonstrations, story telling and hands-on activities featured daily. Unless noted otherwise, all programs free with museum admission.

See full schedule at
Hours and Admission information here

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