Rock For A Cause, April 2, 2009 – Part 1

I went out to Rock For A Cause at Castellana’s, saw some friends, and met some great people like the ‘Massage Team’.  Aristia Ninos, Elise Lutz, Matthew Dadah and Deb Murray – all donating their time (and talented hands) to make sure party goers stayed relaxed.
They were all a lot of fun – if you need a massage, give them a call:
Deb Murray: 508-579-6314 / Charlton, MA
Matthew Dadah: 774-253-1501 / Central MA
Elise Lutz: 508-832-0110 / Auburn, MA
Aristia Ninos: 508-248-5413 / Charlton, MASupport local businesses that support the community 🙂

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