Art in Worcester: “The Saori Bridges of Elm Park”

An Art Installation for Peace

From noon on Wednesday, August 25th until 6pm on Sunday, August 29th in Elm Park, Worcester, Saori Worcester will be having an exhibition of woven banner / art to promote community and peace. As the photo above illustrates, they are planning to hang the banners from the bridges (stabilized from below). The banners will reflect beautifully in the water. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they are all up.

This event will coincide with this year’s Art In The Park exhibit (last year’s post and my photos here). Check the Art In The Park site for information. Watch this blog for posts. I will definitely be watching this and getting out there to see this one and (of course) take pictures.

The Saori Bridges of Elm Park will be a demonstration of Saori Worcester’s recipe for a peaceful community: Collaboration, Creativity, and Contribution. We follow the age-old philosophy that building peace in the world begins with building peace and justice where we live: between neighbors rich and poor; neighbors who speak English fluently and hardly at all; neighbors of all walks of life; neighbors of all religious faiths and ethnic backgrounds; neighbors of all ages; neighbors of all sexual orientations; and neighbors with different degrees of physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

On the morning of August 25, 2010 Saori Worcester and their team will install a series of banners woven by their students and weavers from around the world who have submitted work to be displayed. The photo shows an example of one banner. Their plan is to cover both bridges in Elm Park, Worcester with woven artwork both as a demonstration for peace and as an opportunity for members of the community to sponsor low-income students who would like to attend the Saori Worcester Weaving Studio for instruction.

About the Scholarships

The sponsor will make a donation to the Saori Worcester Scholarship Fund managed by Arts Worcester, a non-profit arts agency. Your sponsor will be able to take a tax deduction for most of that donation, and receive your banner as a “thank you” to be displayed privately or publicly. This Fund will allow low-income people, many of them youth, war refugees, or people with disabilities living within walking distance of our inner-city studio, to take long-term lessons with Mihoko.

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