Our visit to Dr. Gonzo’s

Worcester, MA 5.16.10

The other day, we paid a visit to the Good Doctor (aka Dr. Gonzo of The Emporium of Uncommon Condiments). Shopping at the Emporium is a really fun time. We got a nice tour and Dr. Gonzo sang us a song. We had samples of the delicious products and generally enjoyed ourselves.

If you haven’t been to see Dr. Gonzo, go. Make sure you bring your sense of adventure and fun and plan to be there awhile. He guarantees that a visit is “Good Fer What Ails Ya!” and he is right.

Worcester, MA 5.16.10

Yes, there is an actual Dr. Gonzo, (real name is: J Stuart Esty) and he’s a very awesome guy. That’s him in the photo I took during the recent stART – Spring Edition art festival. Dr. Gonzo had many hilarious jokes, great stories and nice words of encouragement for my daughter. He was a wonderful host (yes, host – you don’t just shop at the emporium, you have an experience). We’re looking forward to the next visit to the Emporium. Worcester is lucky to have a guy like this and a place like this. It’s one of the things that makes Worcester awesome.

This video by Robot Monkey Films and Nightcrawler Productions will give you an idea of what’s going on. Hit their YouTube channel for more.

Where and when:

Located at: 122 Main St., Worcester, MA 01608
Open most days from around 10 to around 6, some days they open later and/or stay open later. Hit the Dr. Gonzo’s website for a more precise, approximate schedule.

If you cannot make it in to the store, that’s OK. He’s got a great online store, youTube Channel, Facebook page and Twitter profile. You can join in the fun remotely

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