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I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my first Wormtown Fleet post. Then I saw what Jeff Barnard had to say about our collective blogging project. His post makes things a lot easier: just post about life here in Worcester. So, here it is… my first post as part of the Wormtown Fleet. It’s nothing AMAZING – it’s just a day in Worcester. (Thank you to Nicole Apostola for coming up with this fantastic idea)

This is why I love Worcester

Our family went out to Elm Park yesterday to check out Art in The Park and the SAORI Bridges project. Elm Park looked so beautiful and alive – it was really something to see.
SAORI Bridges of Elm Park

These beautiful banners were brought here by SAORI Worcester as a community peace project.

SAORI Bridges of Elm Park

The SAORI Bridges project was related to the ongoing Art In The Park exhibit.

Art In The Park 2010

My oldest – being as he was when he was very small. He’s always loved making noise and music. This piece was perfect for him.

Art In The Park 2010

My youngest – laughing at her silly brother and trying to be as cool as possible. She’s growing up so fast!

The best thing about SAORI Bridges and Art In The Park is that it happened because people in Worcester loved our city enough to make it happen. Most of us can remember a time when we had NOTHING like this in Worcester. It wasn’t that long ago. It’s amazing to see what we can do when we want it badly enough.

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