Wormtown Fleet – Destruction and Reconstruction on Grove Street

Road Construction - Grove Street, Worcester, MA
I love the smell of heavy equipment at lunch time.

I didn’t expect to be making a second entry to the Wormtown Fleet so quickly but this just happened right in front of me. So, through the windshield as I waited for traffic to start moving again, I got this shot of a very sizable BIC on the job. It made the usually very busy Grove Street even more fun during today’s lunch rush.

New signs being installed for the businesses on Grove Street.
New signs for the businesses on Grove Street.

A second and much smaller crew was busy doing something to the sign near 100 Grove Street. I’m not sure if they were removing/reinstalling – taking it down? One point to know – they have moved the little parking lot attendant ‘house’ over so it is now very close to the fence. It might be a bit of a surprise if you are heading in/out of the parking lot. I nearly walked into it because I was totally not watching where I was walking. (See, this is why things should never move. I might walk into them and get hurt.)

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