Broad Meadow Brook

This set is a result of a photo walk at Broad Meadow Brook with my daughter, husband, and our friend Marianne.

Tiny and interesting-looking berries.

We saw a lot of berries while walking the trails. I spent a lot of time saying “Don’t eat it!”. It started as a mom-reflex directed at my 17-year-old daughter who does know better than to eat random things in the woods and quickly became a joke every time we encountered any odd-looking berry or fungus. As it turns out, there are a lot of odd-looking things in that woods.


This fungus is eating a tree. It’s pretty (“Don’t eat it!”).


I’m not sure why I like to photograph trees this way. It’s partly the texture, I think. I also like the way that some of them look like they could be the surface of another planet.


There could be a million little creatures¬†living in there. That’s pretty amazing to me.


The light in the deep woods is lovely. I did exaggerate the effect a bit with some additional vignetting but the actual light breaking through the trees above really did have this effect on everything below.


These trees’ roots fascinate me. We saw several as we walked but this one really caught my attention. The tree is clinging to a rock that’s hanging over the brook.


More beautiful light breaking through the trees above and highlighting another fungus that we should not eat.




This twisted mass of roots was interesting to me. It’s very dark and mysterious looking.

Well, they look like grapes (and are totally grapes) but again, “Don’t eat it!”



I have no idea what this thing is. A fungus of some sort. I had the standard advice for everyone, “Don’t eat it!”.

The full set is on Flickr.