First photo walk of 2015

Our first photo walk this season wasn’t really much of a walk. We went to Cascading Waters and spent some time taking photos and some test video of the waterfall. I’m always amazed at my daughter’s ability to find a place to sit and that fact that book, pen and paper always seem to materialize no matter where we go.


The falls had a good amount of water thanks to all the snow melting. This dries up later in the season so we like to head over there in early spring so we can see the cascading.


I had done some updates on my camera’s video functionality so I took the opportunity to test it a bit. I can’t say I’m thrilled with some of the new ‘features’ it’s acquired. I’m not done testing yet though. I think one of my issues is that my card is not fast enough for me to take advantage of the update. The result has been that the camera throws an error if I try to shoot at highest quality so I end up setting to a lower quality setting. It’s OK┬ábut not quite what I was looking for.

cascadingWaters from claudia snell on Vimeo. test

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