Cars of Summer 2015

Red 1970 Ford Mustang
1970 Mustang. One of my favorites of the show.

We celebrated the July 4 weekend as we have every year since 2006. We went to a car show at Green Hill Park.

When we started going it was called Summer Nationals; a very large, loud and controversial event. The Summer Nationals relocated and now there’s a new show; The Cars of Summer.

Cars of Summer is smaller and doesn’t include the events that caused issues. It does have a lot of nice cars and a swap meet. We thought the smaller size of the show was nice because we had time to really look at the cars and talk to the owners. There are great stories about how the cars are acquired and restored. My grandfather was always working on restoring cars so I have an appreciation for how much work and craftsmanship goes into these cars.

Another nice benefit of a smaller event is that my photos came out a lot better than previous years. The cars had enough space to spread out a bit so getting a good shot was a lot easier. If you want to have a look at those, I posted 2 albums on Flickr: July 4 Cars and July 5 Cars.

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