stART on the Street 2015

We went out to stART on the Street 2015 yesterday. I saw a bunch of old friends, listened to music, and saw lots of art and dancing. This was the best stART I’ve been to yet. We had perfect weather for it too.

We visited with Colin Novick and Tracy O’Connell Novick at the GWLT tent and got some maps for a couple of trails in Worcester that we haven’t explored yet.

Dr. G was there with a booth so we got an update on the Gimme My Gonzo’s Kickstarter and very important information about where to obtain products. I meant to go back for some of that Garlic Mash and completely forgot until it was too late. Sadness.

I got to play with a robot and talk to a couple of the guys from the technocopia project. It sounds like they’re having fun.

Gravestone Girls were at stART
Gravestone Girls were at stART

I visited the Gravestone Girls‘ booth and got to see Brenda.

Huge dragon mural on a wall on Park Ave. that’s apparently been there for years but I never noticed it.

Somehow, I’ve been driving by this massive dragon and never noticed it. It’s a huge mural on a wall on a street that I drive on frequently. I guess the good news is that I have my eyes on the road and I’m not sight seeing while I drive.

Big Jon Short playing drums, guitar and singing simultaneously – fun to watch and beautiful to listen to.

We watched Jon Short play 3 instruments while singing and doing all of the things very well. Check his website for information so you can go see for yourself.

Dale and Jeff being amazing as always.

Awesome people, Dale LePage and Jeff Burk, being awesome.

Artist working on a painting.

I wish I had thought to get this artist’s name but I didn’t.

REC’s Youth Grow mobile farmers market.

Regional Environmental Council (REC) was there selling produce grown on their farms by the YouthGrow program.

YouthGROW,  an urban agriculture-focused youth development and employment program for low-income teens. YouthGROW (Youth Growing Organics in Worcester) employs 32-40 low income high school age teens year-round who gain leadership and jobs skills as they maintain two urban organic farms.

Heavy Horses playing great music while people dance.

Heavy Horses, one of the many bands that played yesterday. They were fantastic as were the others I caught. People were dancing all over Elm Park and Park. Ave.

Sulu Cologne at That's Entertainment.
Sulu Cologne at That’s Entertainment.

We made a brief stop in That’s Entertainment and discovered that they have Sulu Cologne. If you need that, now you know where to get it.

Photo set on Flickr: stART on the Street, 2015