Shopping: That’s Entertainment 

I went to That’s Entertainment in Worcester. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a huge comics and collectibles store on Park Ave. There’s a second store in Fitchburg that I haven’t visited.
Inside That's Entertainment; Superman doll stands watch over some zombie comics

Superman, Star Wars and Zombie Comics.

Vintage Imperial At-At Walker toy - still in the box and sealed, $134.99

I need this AT-AT Walker.
A group of action figure toys - MechaGodzilla and assorted monsters.

I also need this Mechagodzilla. The tag on it says it’s a coin bank too. Useful and fun.

"Bucket Not For Sale. Leave Right Here"

This bucket is not for sale and I am heartbroken. (*want*)
Nerf Retaliator Blaster with Nerf darts

The Nerf Retaliator. I also need this.

I ended up with a couple of graphic novels and a magazine so the trip was successful despite not getting any toys. This time. I’ll be back.